ESG criteria

BEXT SPACE seeks to be a national leader in the development of residential space for rent and short term stay, developing customised property solutions based on the client's needs.

We believe that ESG practices are more than trends;rather, they are fundamental to our investment strategy and business proposition.

What are ESG criteria?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. These criteria are used to assess the performance of a company or entity in terms of its environmental impact, its approach to social issues and its corporate governance structure.

Sustainable design and construction:

We strive to use eco-friendly materials and adopt sustainable construction techniques in all our projects. We carefully consider energy efficiency, responsible water use and emissions reduction to minimise our environmental impact.

Renewable energies

We actively promote the use of renewable energy sources in our buildings. We incorporate solar panels, geothermal energy systems and other eco-friendly solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency:

We are constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in our properties. From installing LED lighting systems to optimising heating and cooling systems, we strive to minimise energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

Responsible use of water:

We implement technologies and practices that help us conserve and use water responsibly. We use water recycling and reuse systems, as well as efficient technologies to reduce water consumption at our properties.

Waste management:

We are committed to minimising waste generation and managing waste responsibly. We encourage waste separation and recycling at all our facilities, as well as taking measures to reduce the production of plastic waste and promote the circular economy.

Education and awareness-raising:

We strive to educate and raise awareness in our community about the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. We organise activities and events to promote sustainable practices and encourage our residents and employees to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours.

At Bext Space, we believe that it is possible to strike a balance between business growth and environmental preservation. We are committed to building a greener and more sustainable future, and we look forward to working in collaboration with our customers and partners to achieve this goal.

To find out more about our ESG criteria and how we apply our environmental philosophy to all our operations, you can download the document below.